Buy from me, or buy from Fine Art America?

I recently saw a photographer selling his 24×36 canvas prints on for $270. Mine, at $240, are slightly less expensive than his, AND they are hand-signed and authenticated by me, whereas his are simply drop-shipped from FAA to you. To me, mine are a better value.

Now here is where the difference between buying a canvas print directly from me, or from FAA comes into play. Of the $270 that you pay Fine Art America for his canvas print, $200 goes to FAA and only $70 to the artist!!!! Does that seem fair to you? I admit that I keep a much greater percentage of the sale price than the artist who sells on FAA, but with equal prices, wouldn’t you rather see more money go to the artist than FAA gives? I think it’s horrendous that they treat their suppliers this way, because without their artists they are nothing.

My canvas prints cost less to you than most of those that are sold on, and like my paper prints, they are hand-signed. If you chance to see a work of art on FAA that you like, I urge you to see if the artist has his own website and if you can buy it directly from him. I urge you to support the arts and the artists and buy directly from them when you can.

Thank you,

–David Perry Lawrence

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