Flower Photograph by David Perry Lawrence finalist in competition


The Beauty of a White Fuji Mum – Selected as a Finalist Emerald Arts Autumn Photography Exhibition, 2017

I’m pleased to announce that my photo of a Fuji Mum, Mum-0203 in Studio Photographs and Pinks/Reds color schemes was selected as a finalist in The Emerald Art Center Autumn Photography Exhibition. The Emerald is the premier art center/gallery in Springfield, OR, a suburb of Eugene and home of the University of Oregon. This is a very prestigious competition, attracting over 400 entrants from across the United States. I’m very honored to have a flower photograph selected for this show the second year in a row.

I created this image of a Fuji Mum in my studio, using daylight temperature fluorescent lights in a 1ft x 1ft softbox. The soft lighting was achieved by having the light close to the mum, above and slightly behind the blossom. People often ask how the geometry or ‘3-D’ quality was achieved. The answer: I used a wide-angle macro lens. The macro lens let me shoot a life size image of the flower, and its wide-angle let me get close enough to give the shot its 3-D appearance. A telephoto macro, which shoots from a distance, would have just compacted the flower and made it look flat.

A final secret of this image is the color of the flower. This is not its original color hue, it was more lime-green, but my heart told me this pink/apricot would make a better image.

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