White Phalaenopsis Orchids – 3059


My father was an orchid grower. We had three greenhouses in our back yard in Texas, each bigger than the one he built a few years prior. He grew Phalaenopsis orchids. I spent hours and hours, days and days, over the years watering these beautiful flowers whose sprays of blossoms last for months. As flowers, they are the definition of elegance. It’s no wonder I like to photograph them.

I particularly like the white flowers, which are translucent. I lit this shot from behind so you could see the shadows of the rear-most flower’s petals falling on the back of the front flower. The deep purples of the throat, lip, and column, where the flower’s sex organs reside and where the insects go searching for pollen, are a beautiful contrast to the purity of the white petals.

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  1. Jydy Lawrence October 12, 2017 at 6:24 pm #

    Very nice

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