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‘Two Tiny Purple Phalaenopsis Orchids’ – fifteen image focus-stack

15 image focus-stack of tiny Phalaenopsis Orchids Go on over to the homepage and click on the  picture to see a larger version of this beautiful photograph of 2 small Phalaenopsis Orchids. Neither of them […]

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‘Fuji Mum’ canvas photograph hangs in gallery at Emerald Art Center, Springfield, WA

A finalist in the Fall Photography Competition and Exhibit at the Emerald Art Center in Springfield, OR, my photo ‘Fuji Mum’, 2nd from right, hangs in one of the galleries. This is the second year […]

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A Trio of Twisted Multi-Colored Tulips

The stems of these three multi-colored tulip blossoms became twisted as they grew, creating a beautiful braid of stems holding up the bright flowers. I brightened the colors, obviously, and smoothed out the stems. Although […]

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Daffodil Rising

I’ve a new image to show today. This is a macro photograph of the inner cone of a daffodil. I named it ‘Daffodil Rising’ because it looks like it is rising into the air, its […]

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