About Me

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, where my father was an orchid hobbyist and competition grower. His father had been a commercial portrait photographer. My mother came from a family of distinguished painters, both in Texas and New York. The pursuit of beauty and art ran in my family.

When I was about ten I fell in love with photography and cameras. My father helped me set up a darkroom in my bedroom at night, where I began to take joy in the images of things I had seen and fuss over creating good BW prints of them. My interests naturally changed as I grew older, but it was in college at Yale that I rediscovered my love for photography. I studied with the late Walker Evans, but the strongest influence on my images was the stylish work Richard Avedon and Irving Penn were doing for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. On graduating, I toured Europe, Morrocco, and the Canary Islands in a VW van, carrying my darkroom with me, stopping periodically to spend the night in a hotel and develop several months worth of film or make a few prints.

For almost four decades I was an internationally published commercial and editorial photographer specializing in portraits of celebrities, politicians and businessmen. I was engaged by three Presidents and multiple TV and movie stars to take their pictures.

When I retired from commercial work, I was looking for a new subject to dedicate myself to. One spring morning, while walking around a pond behind my home, a small white flower being lit from behind – White tree flower in the sun – 0457 – caught my eye. I knew then flowers would be that subject I was looking for. Their limitless beauty and variety, the intricacy of each individual blossom, offered hope for a new life in photography. After spending some time photographing them outdoors, I began taking them into my studio and shooting them where I had more control over the lighting and the background, not to mention the wind, creating portraits of them as I had of my celebrites. I initially used a black background to make their colors pop, and frequently light them from behind, as that first blossom in the tree had been, but I’m beginning to go in other directions and look forward to seeing what happens.

I’ve sold several large canvases of my work. My photographs have been hung in galleries and homes across the United States.

I don’t know Rebekah Joy Plett, but I found this illustration on Facebook. I coudn’t agree more. When you buy something from an artist, whatever you pay, you’re getting a bargain.


Buying art from an artist, by Rebekah Joy Plett

Buying art from an artist, by Rebekah Joy Plett